InterviewPass lets businesses run automated screening interviews for their job applicants.

We're building a video screening interview platform that you can use to accelerate your hiring, or application acceptance process.

About Us

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Screen Your Job Applicants Using Video Profiles

InterviewPass is a video screening service for job applicants and admissions. Cut down your screening time and focus on scheduling interviews and hiring the right applicants faster.

Introducing Video Profiles

Get to know your applicants better using our rich video profiles.


Job seekers record video responses to questions we pose on our app. These questions are personalized to the role you are hiring for. 

How it works?

Invite your job applicants to send their video profiles using InterviewPass.

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Receive rich video q&a from job applicants about their work and areas of expertise.

Screen using Video Profiles

Invite only the best applicants for expedited job interviews & hire the best in a matter of days.

Expedite Your Hiring


Video profiles can cut down your screening time by several days. Instead of scheduling phone screen interviews, your applicants can send pre-recorded video profile about their work, so you can quickly decide which candidates you want to pursue interviews with.

Why a video profile?

The profile is created via short video responses to questions we pose. You don't have to worry about these questions, we customize questions based on the role the applicant is applying for.

What does a profile look like?

Applicants will be able to record short video responses to a few questions we pose. Applicants will do this using our iOS/Android mobile apps. We then present those as a video profile in your dashboard.

How will the applicants create their video profile?

Free for select beta customers.

How much does it cost?

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