Video Assessments for Faster, Consistent Hiring

Make Speed-of-hiring Your Competitive Advantage

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InterviewPass is a video assessment platform that lets you screen hundreds of applicants instantly. Go beyond easy-to-fake tests and run reliable, video based assessments for competencies that your jobs require.

Say Hello to Video Assessments

Assess short video responses from your applicants for questions across a set of skills that your jobs require. Identify top applicants in only a fraction of time. 

Video responses make assessments reliable in predicting an applicant’s chances of success at your organization.

Applicants love no-schedule, no-commute screening experience.

Assessments configurable to match your hiring standards

Choose from a variety of questions and formats to set up a perfect screening assessment that matches your company's rigorous hiring standards.

Behavioral Assessments

Learn from your applicant’s past performances to evaluate how well they might perform your job. 

Culture Fit Tests

Define a clear consistent assessment to evaluate applicants for culture fit and save $$$ by avoiding wrong-hires, and build a team that works as a whole.

Situational Judgement Tests

Learn how your applicants would perform at situations they're likely to encounter at their jobs.

Language Tests

Learn how your applicants would perform at situations they're likely to encounter at their jobs.

Available in multiple formats...

Go beyond video and choose from a variety of formats to customize your assessments.


Case Study


Content Writing

Written Communication





Resulting in a transparent, effective & fast hiring process

In depth assessments

No cheating or faking tests. Video assessments leaves no doubt about your applicants’ capabilities.

Extremely fast, scalable hiring

Reduce time spent interviewing the wrong candidates and recover your employees valuable productive time.

Consistent, competency based tests

Completely configurable assessments aimed at assessing skills consistently across hundreds of applicants.

Interested in setting up an assessment for your open positions? Share us the job descriptions, and we'll help draft an assessment, completely for FREE.

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