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Assessment Platform
For Talent Obsessed Companies

Create & manage online assessments and take-home assignments
for your jobs and trainings. Evaluate them your way
and raise the standards of your talent assessments.

Set a High Bar for Your Hiring

Use multiple question formats to make your assessments thorough. Go beyond text or multiple-choice questions and use short video responses to get a better understanding of your applicant's competencies.

  1. Code
  2. Video
  3. Case Study
  4. Presentation
  5. Content Writing
  6. Written Communication
  7. Multi-choice
  8. Number
  9. Text
  10. Yes/No
An assessment for every job opening, training or occasion.

Whether you're hiring for an entry-level position, your next Head of Sales, or assessing employees after a training on Workplace Safety, use one tool to manage assessments and build a rich talent profile.

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Behavioral Interviews

Assess by checking for application of skills and experiences that relate to your job.

Situational Judgement Tests

Use scenarios they're likely to encounter and assess how they'd react.

Culture fit Tests

Look for examples where they've demonstrated values that your company holds high.

Language Tests

Check for proficiency in languages that an employee or an applicant might have to use.

Screening Tests

Receive hundreds of applicants for your jobs? Use screening tests to quickly identify the best.

Skill Assessments

Test if your applicants and employees possess core skills required from your jobs.

Get Better at Identifying & Nurturing Top Talent

Fight biases and inconsistencies by analyzing your assessment data. Build a knowledge base for your managers and interviewers to train employees or assess applicants effectively. Our talent assessment platform is built precisely to help your team get better at hiring and retaining performers.

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Collaborative Evaluations

Involve hiring managers and other employees in scoring your applicants.

Assessment Scorecards

Use scorecards to prompt and enable in-depth assessments from your reviewers.

Assessment Dashboard

Consolidate assessment reports in one dashboard. Don't lose them in spreadsheets and emails.

Integrates with tools you use everyday

Our APIs make it easy to embed within your existint tools, integrate with your apps, or set up custom workflows suited to your hiring and training needs.

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Webhooks & API.

Use our REST APIs to manage your assessments, fetch data or automate workflows.

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ATS & Job Boards Integrations.

Send assessments directly from your ATS or job boards.

HRMS & LMS Integrations.

Create and manage assessments and evaluations from tools your HR and L&D teams rely on.

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